1. Implementation of all educational activities provided by BOU.
  2. To attract maximum number of students/learners in different programs, promotional activities shall have to be continued in all governments and non-government sectors.
  3. As per requirement of Schools admission process of all different programs should be successfully completed by the BOU regulations.
  4. All the coordinating off under the RRC should be managed as per University regulations.
  5. Selection, Management and control of Study Centers should be made for availability of tutorial services for students/learners of different Programs initiated by different Schools of BOU.
  6. Physical infrastructure of Study Centers should be ensured.
  7. Selection of expected Tutors for tutorial centers should be executed as per recommendation and requirement of respective Schools under the regulations of the BOU.
  8. To implement educational activities of different schools properly, various workshop, seminar etc. should be arranged on need basis.
  9. Effective communication with head of educational institutions, Local and Government important personalities, public representatives  and NGO authorities to motivate them regarding implementation of BOU educational activities.
  10. To distribute books and other learning materials to the students/learners timely suitable steps should be taken.
  11. Provide all sorts of learning support facilities to students/learners such as Library, Radio, TV, Audio, Video and Cell Phone Memory Card etc.
  12. Make all the required information’s and services available to its students/learners as well as interested peoples.
  13. If necessary should take proper action to connect the learners with different divisions of BOU.
  14. Extraordinary curriculum such as debate, essay competition, all important days should be celebrated for students.
  15. Should take different actions to select exam center and to maintain the exam activities according to the requirements of schools and exam control department under the regulation of BOU.
  16. According to the rules within the exam period should help to maintain exam successfully in the exam center.
  17. Actions should be taken to provide timely exam result, testimonial and others important information to students from the  respective authorities.
  18. Communicate with all schools and divisions of BOU and take support from corresponding school/division.
  19. Should give necessary advice to the BOU authority initiate educational activities according to the public requirement and necessity.
  20. Take argent actions to solve all types of problem of regional, coordinating officeand tutorial center by communicating with corresponding school and division.
  21. Should follow economical rules, maintain economical discipline, preserve and implement all individual records according to the  regulations of BOU.
  22. All academic documents, records, reports should properly control and preserve.23.A monthly report of each activities should send to SSS division.
  23. Preserve and provide the records of all students separately.
  24. Provide necessary information and report to different schools and divisions.
  25. Have to do any important duties for BOU.